Serhii Kot

Professional music composer with more than 10 years of experience.

Serhii Kot

1000+ tracks released. You can listen to the demo reel below.
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My Rates

Option 1: Regular work

$200 per finished minute of music

Most cases. Competitive market price. Exclusive rights for music use. Mandatory author credit.

Option 2: Royalty-Free

$100 per finished minute of music

Non-Exclusive rights for music use. After the music is finished it will be included in my library for royalty-free use.

Option 3: Ghostwriting

$500 per finished minute of music.

Full rights transmission. You can put your name as an author. This music won't be included in my portfolio.

Option 4: Specific requests


If you have any propositions I will be more than happy to discuss them. I am very flexible for growing indie game artists.



Contact Form

Serhii Kot +38 096-320-8602 serhiikotmusic@gmail.com

I speak English, Ukrainian, Russian languages.

About Me

human being

Hello, my name is Serhii I am a music composer and founder of music library tunestogo.net. I offer high-quality music for your projects: games, films, advertisements, and other media.

Music breathes life into media. Creating emotion and context where otherwise there would be none.

If you want to know my rates you can check them here: Prices.I offer a couple of pricing options for all budgets. If you have any question, offer or want to negotiate prices you are more then welcome to Contact me.

Who uses my music

Check some brands who was inspired by our music

My world in numbers

  • 1000+ finished tracks
  • 11 years on the market
  • 10000+ YouTube videos with my music
  • 2555 coffees per year
  • 365 sleepless nights per year
  • 0 bad music tolerance